Where to start

How do I pick the right worksheet for my child?

Published: Sept. 29, 2020

KidBrighter has over 600 different worksheets for all levels and interests – so where to start?

Our suggestion is to start on a small grid, at a level that you believe your young learner can do. Completing their first sheet without too much struggle will be a positive experience that will give your child the confidence to move to the next challenge. Don’t be surprised if your young strategist doesn’t do the questions in order – the sheets give kids the freedom to use their own problem-solving approach.

When you return to kidbrighter.com to check answers, the site automatically suggests sheets at the next level up.

Also, some children are very good at picking out their own level on the site, and the type of things they want to find, if that works for you then use that to get buy-in early.

Finally, remember that small children often have short attention spans. You’ve probably heard the “one minute of attention per year of age” ratio, and it can be quite accurate. KidBrighter worksheets allow you to break up math practice into smaller chunks that are manageable for your child. Perhaps your child finds one spaceship before lunch, and another after? The pace is up to you.

About KidBrighter

KidBrighter was set up to provide fun, adventure-themed math worksheets that kids actually want to do. At the same time, we’ve stayed true to the pen-and-pencil format that solidifies skills, without the distraction of online bells and whistles. The worksheets are levelled in line with the math curriculum from JK to Grade 4 so that any child can be challenged - while they live out an adventure!