Ho Ho Oh No!

Help save Christmas

Published: Nov. 22, 2020

Help save Santa's magical flight! Ice fog has hit the North Pole Village -- the elves and the reindeer cannot see and need your help to mark the buildings by solving math problems. With luck Santa’s sleigh will be loaded in time!

The Santa’s Village worksheets are available now. Students solve problems and at the same time play a game of search and find. KidBrighter has over 100 different gradated worksheet levels for students in grades 1-3, meaning that students of all levels are challenged.

Worksheets have arithmetic questions and sometimes an extra operation: compare, match, round, odd/even, covering much of the grade’s curriculum.

Get in to the holiday spirit, and do some math... It may even multiply your merry!

Comparisons, rounding and more

There's a lot packed into each worksheet

Published: Nov. 10, 2020

Today we launched a whole new stable of worksheets, including new problem types such as unknowns, comparisons, rounding, odd/even, and factor analysis. We've also added new worksheets to focus on specific operations from grades 1-3, including addition under 1000, place value practise, and multiplication by factors of ten.

A hundred worksheets are free to download and print, in both spaceship and fantastical creatures themes. More are available on teachers-pay-teachers, including a full grade level set for purchase which covers a good portion of each grade's core curriculum standards

More Friends, More Mysteries

Math Worksheet Series 3 Launch

Published: Oct. 25, 2020

Today we're super excited to launch the third series of worksheets.

Based on feedback from teachers and parents, we've streamlined the language describing the levels of difficult. And based on testing with the "end-users", we've increased the number of animals to find on each page.

For an added challenge, we've also added mystery sheets. In a mystery sheet we don't specify how many of each animal or ship to find, giving all those finely honed search strategies a bit more of a workout.

And best of all, the unicorns now have more friends!

Where to start

How do I pick the right worksheet for my child?

Published: Sept. 29, 2020

KidBrighter has over 600 different worksheets for all levels and interests – so where to start?

Our suggestion is to start on a small grid, at a level that you believe your young learner can do. Completing their first sheet without too much struggle will be a positive experience that will give your child the confidence to move to the next challenge. Don’t be surprised if your young strategist doesn’t do the questions in order – the sheets give kids the freedom to use their own problem-solving approach.

When you return to kidbrighter.com to check answers, the site automatically suggests sheets at the next level up.

Also, some children are very good at picking out their own level on the site, and the type of things they want to find, if that works for you then use that to get buy-in early.

Finally, remember that small children often have short attention spans. You’ve probably heard the “one minute of attention per year of age” ratio, and it can be quite accurate. KidBrighter worksheets allow you to break up math practice into smaller chunks that are manageable for your child. Perhaps your child finds one spaceship before lunch, and another after? The pace is up to you.

KidBrighter Launch

Brighter worksheets with a sense of adventure!

Published: Aug. 31, 2020

Looking for math worksheets that motivate?

As a father of three, I know how hard it can be to get kids to sit down and “do the math”. This has never been more true than now, as many families struggle to learn from home. Yet, practicing core numeracy skills is critical to math fluency and confidence.

https://KidBrighter.com was set up to provide fun, adventure-themed math worksheets that kids actually want to do. At the same time, we’ve stayed true to the pen-and-pencil format that solidifies skills, without the distraction of online bells and whistles. The worksheets are levelled in line with the math curriculum from JK to Grade 4 so that any child can be challenged - while they search for spaceships or unicorns!

Try KidBrighter’s worksheets with your children or students. Brighter math skills are just a page away.