A Modern Approach to Math Worksheets

Engaging stories

KidBrighter worksheets are designed to engage children with stories and characters. We utilize techniques from television and comics to maintain interest, but this time for educational purposes. Each worksheet and question moves a scenario forward.

On Paper

KidBrighter worksheets are a math game, but with paper and pencil away from electronid loot-boxed whizz-bangs. KidBrighter engage the deeper thought-processes that are vital for success in the future economy.


Just because it's on paper doesn't mean it's static or one-sized. We use algorithmic generation to provide highly tuned and original problem sets to challenge each student.

Free, printable

KidBrighter's mission is to provide as many free materials as possible.

Privacy and cookies

We value your privacy and do not sell your information, nor do we track who you are. Currently we're using statisics services from facebook, pinterest and google to help calibrate our outreach efforts, and these use cookies.